Soil Cultivator(Mini Skid Steer)

Soil Cultivator(Mini Skid Steer)


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Introducing the Soil Cultivator, a powerful and versatile attachment designed to make your soil preparation tasks a breeze. Compatible with mini skid steers, this compact and efficient tool is perfect for landscaping, gardening, and construction projects.

Equipped with heavy-duty tines, the Soil Cultivator effortlessly breaks up compacted soil, removing rocks, debris, and other obstacles in its path. Whether you need to prepare a garden bed, level uneven terrain, or mix soil additives, this attachment will get the job done with ease.

Designed for ease of use, this attachment features a quick attachment system that allows you to effortlessly connect and disconnect it from your mini skid steer. The compact size and maneuverability of the mini skid steer combined with the Soil Cultivator's efficiency make it the perfect choice for both small and large-scale projects.


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