Excavator W/Thumb(Bobcat E35)

Excavator W/Thumb(Bobcat E35)


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Description48" Grading Bucket Also Available

Brand New for 2024-

Introducing the powerful and versatile Excavator W/Thumb (Bobcat E35). This heavy-duty machine is designed to tackle any excavation project with ease and efficiency. Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, this excavator is a must-have addition to your equipment arsenal.The Bobcat E35 features a robust construction that ensures durability and longevity, making it suitable for even the toughest job sites. With a maximum digging depth of 10', this excavator can handle a wide range of digging, trenching, and grading tasks with precision.

Equipped with a convenient thumb attachment, this excavator allows for enhanced versatility and control. The thumb attachment enables you to grasp and hold onto objects securely, making it ideal for tasks such as lifting heavy materials, removing debris, or sorting materials on-site.

Please Note

  • This machine requires a valid Mass hoisting license to operate, Temporary licenses are avaiable, Please call for information.
  • This machine Requires a 3/4 ton Truck(2500,or 250) or bigger to tow this machine.
  • This machine does not have a cab


Machine Specs

Arm Digging Force 4859 lbs (2,204 kg)
Boom Swing - Left 75 °
Boom Swing - Right 55 °
Bucket Digging Force 6968 lbs (3,161 kg)
Max Digging Depth 10.2 ft (3 m)
Max Reach Along Ground 17.2 ft (5 m)
Max.Dumping Height 11 ft (3 m)


Height 96.2 in (244 cm)
Height - Top of Cab 8.1 ft (2 m)
Length 189.9 in (480 cm)
Width 69 in (175 cm)


Emissions Tier 4
Fuel Diesel
Net Power 24.8 hp (18 kw)
Net Power (35 HP) 33.5 hp (25 kw)
Power Measured @ 2550 rpm
Power Measured @ (35 HP) 2400 rpm

Hydraulic System

Operating pressure 2987 psi
Pump Flow Capacity 16.9 gal/min (61 l/min)

Lift System

Lift Radius 118 in (300 cm)
Max Lift Capacity 3232 lbs (1,466 kg)

Operating Specifications

Fuel Capacity 13.7 gal (49 l)
Operating Weight 7699 lbs (3,492 kg)
Operating Weight (35 HP) 7909 lbs (3,588 kg)


Max Travel Speed 2.9 mph (3 kph)
Min Travel Speed 1.6 mph (2 kph)

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