Blower(6HP Walk behind)

Blower(6HP Walk behind)


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Introducing our powerful 6HP Walk Behind Blower, the ultimate solution for all your outdoor cleaning needs. Designed to tackle even the toughest debris, this blower is perfect for both residential and commercial use.

Equipped with a robust 6HP engine, this blower delivers exceptional blowing power, allowing you to effortlessly clear leaves, grass clippings, dirt, and other debris from your pathways, driveways, and yards. Say goodbye to tedious manual raking and embrace the efficiency and convenience of our Walk Behind Blower.

With its ergonomic design, this blower ensures comfortable operation, reducing fatigue during extended use. The adjustable handlebar allows for easy maneuverability and ensures that users of all heights can comfortably operate the blower without straining their backs or shoulders.


Machine SpecsVelocity (mph)

Just under 200

Fan Material

16-blade Single Shot Composite

Discharge (in)


Displacement (cc)


Weight (lbs)


Length (in.)


Width (in.)


Height (in.)

26 (housing), 45 (handle)

Front Tire Size (in.)

8 x 3

Front Tire Style


Rear Tire Size (in.)

10 x 13

Rear Tire Style


Rear Wheel Width


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